21 Estonian young athletes have met the qualifying standards for the U20 and U23 European Athletics Championships this summer

04. June 2021

21 Estonian young athletes have met the qualifying standards for the U20 and U23 European Athletics Championships this summer

To date, 21 Estonian young athletes have qualified for the U20 and U23 European Athletics Championships to be held at the Tallinn Kadriorg Stadium in mid-July. 10 athletes have qualified to the U20 European Championships in Athletics and 11 to the U23 European Championships.

This year, the two biggest events in European athletics will take place in Tallinn. “Kadriorg Stadium will be hosting competitions for the European athletics in the U20 and U23 age groups. We can expect that the participating athletes will continue to offer memorable performances in adult title competitions in the future as well,” said Erich Teigamägi, President of the Estonian Athletics Association.

At the same level, the international U20 and U23 age group championships took place in Tallinn in 2011 and 2015. For example, Johannes Vetter, Kevin Mayer and Mariya Lasitskene competed here during the previous competitions. At the time, they were all in the beginning of their athletic careers.

Dates: 8th-11th July U23 European Athletics Championships and 15th-18th July U20 European Athletics Championships

July 8th -11th the U23 European Championships in Athletics will take place at Kadriorg Stadium and July 15th- 18th the U20 European Championships. Both competitions will involve about 1,000 athletes and, in addition, their supporting teams, which gives an inkling of ​​the size and importance of the event for Estonian sports, tourism and the economy.

According to the Deputy Mayor of Tallinn Vadim Belobrovtsev, the Estonian field of sports is a model example of adaptation to the new situation, because it hasn’t been dormant despite the restrictions. “It is a small miracle that the European Youth Championships can take place in Kadriorg, because many countries do not yet dare to organize large competitions. But the work of the Estonian Athletics Association is highly valued in Europe and in the world, and it is quite logical and symbolic that we got the right to organize both the U20 and U23 European Championships,” said Belobrovtsev.

According to Tarvi Pürn, Undersecretary of Estonian Sport at the Ministry of Culture, major competitions are taking place in Estonia more than ever before. “The Ministry of Culture has never allocated as many grants for international sporting events as the 4.7 million euros this year. I am glad that ambitious sports associations are bringing such title competitions to Estonia. I wish success to the Athletics Association and I hope that the competitions will also be successful in terms of sports,” said Pürn.

The chief organizer of the competition, Taavi Esperk, commented that before the U20 and U23 European Championships, Kadriorg Stadium will undergo a renovation course. “The main stadium will get a new look, a temporary long jump box will be built for the competitions and the practice field will also be renovated,” said Esperk.

Estonian athletes are preparing eagerly

The Estonian Athletics Association has previously stated that the estimated size of the Estonian team in the U20 class will be 40 athletes, the size of the U23 class is still to be determined. The final list of qualifiers and entrants will be settled during the first weeks of July.

“As organizers, Estonia has the opportunity to apply for more athletes than just those who meet the qualifying standards. If possible, we want to offer the experience of participating in these competitions to all local newcomers and surprising performers, but decisions will still be made based on the results,” promised the chief organizer Taavi Esperk.

Today, there are 10 qualifiers in the U20 age group, one of them an athlete in two fields:

  • Artur Djatšuk (10,000 m  race walk)
  • Jekaterina Mirotvortseva (10,000 m race walk)
  • Viktor Morozov (triple jump)
  • Rasmus Roosleht (decathlon)
  • Tony Ats Tamm (decathlon)
  • Ann Marii Kivikas (100m and 200m)
  • Elisabeth Pihela (high jump)
  • Liisa-Maria Lusti (long jump)
  • Gertu Küttmann (shot put)
  • Katre Marit Liiv (javelin throw)

More about U20 qualification: https://www.ekjl.ee/euroopa-u20-meistrivoistlused-15-18-Juli-2021-tallinn/

There are 11 qualifiers in the U23 age group, one of them an athlete in two fields:

  • Henri Sai (200m)
  • Karl Erik Nazarov (400m hurdles)
  • Kenro Tohter (110m hurdles)
  • Martin Täht (110m hurdles)
  • Eerik Haamer (pole vault)
  • Kevin Sakson (shot put and discus)
  • Gedly Support (javelin throw)
  • Kunnar Erich Viisel (javelin throw)
  • Lilian Turban (high jump)
  • Marleen Mülla (pole vault)
  • Lishanna Ilves (long jump)

More about U23 qualification: https://www.ekjl.ee/u23-euroopa-meistrivoistlused-8-11-juuli-2021-tallinn/

The official international partners of the 2021 U20 and U23 European Athletics Championships are Spar and Le Gruyère, the broadcasting partner is Eurovision and the official cooperation partner is Mondo. The supporters of the competition are Audi, Kalev, NIKE, Postimees, Tradehouse, Utilitas and Värska Vesi. The competitions are organized by the Estonian Athletics Association in cooperation with the European Athletics Association, the City of Tallinn and the Ministry of Culture.

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